progress not perfection

Best laid plans….

Emma Fitness, September 16, 2018

Today was the day!

Getting back into the pre-holiday routine of going to the gym every Sunday morning.

Alarm sounds and a momentary wonder of why I had set it or even what day it is and off I go.

Improvements made, I achieved 2 further minutes on the stepper and completed 1000 metres on the rower in a quicker time. I also added a new exercise, so I was feeling positive and ready for the main reason I head there on a Sunday, a couple of hours to focus on my business.

Head to Costa....

Is it my phone?

What did I do? This is "my time" on a Sunday morning and I am not wasting it.

I wrote the first draft of this with pen and paper, then I listened to a few chapters of The Power of Habit on Audible.

There will always be obstacles thrown in our way but we must make the choice to climb over them or walk around them but definitely to keep on heading forwards as that is the direction of where your goals will be achieved.

Have a great week.