Busy, busy, busy….

Emma Fitness, November 10, 2018

Oh my goodness, it has been such a busy week, which of course I am not complaining about but it does mean I need to be at the top of my game when it comes to self-care!

Micro moments of nourishment as Suzy Reading calls them in her book, The Self Care Revolution. Thanks to Cheryl Brooker for the recommendation, I am listening to this for a second time on Audible to ensure that I remember all the advice that is given.

Tuesday was a particularly busy day attending networking meetings both for breakfast and lunch, followed by 3 clients and then a long list of "stuff" that I needed to complete in the evening. Well, it turns out I didn't need to complete anything but I wanted to, there is a difference!

I looked at my list for a second time and decided that there wasn't anything on there that couldn't wait another day or maybe another few days, so I joined my son and his Cub pack for a night outside in the "fresh" air around a campfire, it was exactly what the doctor ordered and I felt fully recharged and refreshed after this. Take a read of the blog below to find out why it is so important to get outdoors:

What micro moments of nourishment can you add in to daily routine? Think of the power of one, or one step at a time, what is the one habit you can commit to for 30 days? When you have achieved this what other positive lifestyle habits can you add? If any of them involve exercise or massage you know where I am and if you would like to be notified of my Black Friday offers, please ensure that you are signed up to my monthly newsletter.

Have a great week.