Digital Detox – again!!

Emma Fitness, October 14, 2018

Yes, I know we have been here before - many times!

I have been listening to Digital Detox over the past couple of weeks and have also downloaded the Digital Detox app on my phone, I am determined to not be so reliant on technology and be a bit more present in life. I wouldn't say it was an addiction, but I am certainly checking more than is absolutely necessary.

Yesterday I "switched off" for 3 hours and felt so much better for it, I even wrote a letter to a family friend. I cannot remember the last time that I put a pen to paper. I also sat down on the sofa and enjoyed 3-4 chapters of a library book.

Many of us say we haven't got time for exercise or to learn a new hobby, but I know myself how much time I waste scrolling through other people's lives rather than concentrating on my own! I have so many goals I want to achieve and this just isn't going to happen with my face constantly glued to a screen.

I am currently nursing Golfer's elbow which my chiropractor thinks may have been caused by holding my phone in my left hand whilst using my right hand to access links etc. There is no doubt that phones have their uses, but life still went on years ago when we weren't so dependant on them, I'm hoping to step back into this time and enjoy life beyond a screen.

I will keep you posted.