Digital Detox – the story so far!

Emma Fitness, October 21, 2018

One week in with less use of my phone and I am definitely noticing the difference. Jobs are getting done from my to-do list but more importantly I am using the available time to read, meditate and exercise. I have nearly finished a book in a week, which is unheard of for me and I am far less agitated and anxious.

I realise now how much time I wasted on my phone, and although I still do use and have the odd scroll through social media, I am much more focused on what needs to be done and will often question myself as to do I really need to be searching on Google for a random piece of information which will probably only ever be needed in a pub quiz!!?

Being present in the here and now is where we should all be aiming to be and certainly something I am sharing with my clients on a regular basis.

I am exactly at the time of life now as the majority of women who attend my classes or personal training sessions and therefore completely understand how some of them may be feeling:

I could go on, but I won't..

I am also not going to mention the "M" word which many of you ladies might be approaching if you are "of a certain age", as that tends to promote feelings of negativity and dread!

I am going to mention the "R" word though - Reviva; this is a hugely positive programme which my clients are already feeling the benefit of:

"Feeling better equipped after the class to sort the tasks of the day".

"Felt rubbish and stressed this morning, now calmer and ready to crack on"!

"I loved my first Reviva yesterday, perfect start to my week. I can feel it this morning but if feels good"!!

"I already love you ladies, you are making me feel normal, thank you"!

There are a variety of options available with this programme, but if you are not sure which route to take, attending one of the workshops is a great place to start:

Reviva Reveal - Saturday 10th November at 10am

Reviva Reveal - Friday 7th December at 7:30pm

I will leave you with this, if there was an anthem for Reviva, "This is me" totally hits the spot, not only the words:

I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I'm meant to be, this is me!!

But also the energy and power in the performance!

Take a listen and remember this is you and this is who you are meant to be!!