Have you recently had a baby?

Emma Fitness, September 5, 2018

Have you recently had a baby? Are you looking to get back exercising again?

If you are that's great news, but please read on as there a few things to consider following the birth of your child.

Physically, as well as emotionally it is important to take it slowly and give your body time to heal; in the early days the most important things you can do are thinking about adopting good posture at all times, pelvic floor exercises and walking (all of course whilst bonding with you new little bundle of joy). Once you’ve had your GP check (usually between 6-8 weeks) you can step things up to the next gear.

Perhaps you want to join a class, there are a lots of "new mum" classes out there, but how do you know that the instructor is suitably qualified? Here are some points to consider:

High impact activities should be avoided until at least 4-6 months (although this is highly individual and varies from person to person), the reason for this is due to the effects of Relaxin still flowing around your body. Relaxin is a hormone that is released in early pregnancy to loosen your joints in preparation for labour a  few months down the line, and it subsequently makes your joints quite unstable. If you begin running, aerobics or trampolining too soon you put yourself at risk of injury, not to mention what it will do to your pelvic floor!! Listen to your body, if your knees, back or pelvis are causing you pain or discomfort then it is probably wise to ease your exercise back a bit. There is plenty that you can do at a lower intensity, that get’s a sweat on, but is safe, just ask and please be careful!!

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