Holistic Core Restore® Athlete 12

I think the way you approach people and make them feel comfortable and capable in such an unassuming way is awesome!!!!!! Love what you have done for me so far…a long way to go but you have changed my relationship with exercise completely … A HUGE thank you!!

This programme runs for 12 weeks and you will meet with me twice per week virtually and complete your additional ‘weekly delivered’ online core restore home workouts, which are approximately 20 minutes in duration and progressed weekly.

You will be guided through these additional workouts by programme creator Jenny Burrell, so you actually have the benefit of two Coaches for the entire 12 weeks! BONUS!

I will post a weekly workout in a private Facebook group and then a second video will help you to improve other areas of your life including nutrition, hydration, stress etc.

The programme will start with SET UP, where we help you get prepared for the coming 12 weeks including taking your Fitness Test and logging your start point measurements.

What have you got to lose...?