Fun and friendly fitness training

I love exercise but recognise that not everyone does! If this sounds like you, you are exactly the kind of person that I like to work with. I am convinced that there is something out there that you will enjoy and when you find that and start to achieve your goals, the results are amazing physically, mentally and emotionally. Try it, you may surprise yourself!


Personal [style]training[/style]

Are you keen to start an exercise programme, but unsure where to start and intimidated by busy gyms and classes? Have you considered personal training as an option to help you achieve your goals?

Running [style]classes[/style]

Would you like to get out running but unsure where to start? Let me point you in the right direction.

[style]Holistic[/style] Core Restore®

Holistic Core Restore is a simple, highly effective Pelvic Floor and Core Strength Small Group Class or one-to-one work with your instructor.

[style]Holistic[/style] Core Restore® Diastasis

Have you still got a "mummy tummy" (diastasis) following the birth of your baby? This bespoke programme will restore your core back to normal function.


In many women, movement can be limited by tightness, postural issues and lack of mobility. This is exacerbated in the pre/post natal period. Sports massage can help to relieve pain and tension; reduce anxiety and stress; feel lighter, looser and more mobile as well as improving sleep. It's a "no-brainer", get yourself booked in.


Are you in your late 30s or moving through your 40s,  perhaps you are noticing that your hormones are starting to change and you may feel like you don't recognise your body or the way it is behaving anymore?

Buggy [style]fitness[/style]

Having a new baby is hard work and sometimes very daunting, but a walk in the park with other mums is a great way to make new friends, share ideas and experiences.

I encourage you and your baby to join us for some 'you time'. Take things at your own pace and be refreshed and energised. Don't worry if your baby cries, they all do at one time or another. You can always stop and see to your little one as you need to.